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About us

Our history goes far back, but we always think ahead. Together with our customers, we will continue to evolve in line with the market.

Stronger together, since 1987

We take pride in being one of the Scandinavia's leading machine suppliers. With us, you'll find a comprehensive range of machines for purchase and rental, along with a broad assortment of modern equipment and innovative solutions for construction, warehouse, and logistics. In addition, we offer courses and certifications, as well as all services, repairs, and maintenance.

We assist you with machines and equipment when the need arises. However, the totality of our services, deliveries, and products are what makes us unique. Since our establishment in 1897, we have evolved in line with the ever-increasing demands of the market – always with the customer's needs at the forefront. Our identity as a company today is shaped in large part by our valued customers.

Through strong relationships and long-term partnerships, we have built solid expertise and experience across various markets and industries. This, coupled with a robust equipment fleet that provides great flexibility, enables us to develop comprehensive and effective solutions, and ensure the right execution for every project – both large and small.

We know the Nordics

Together with customers and partners, we have improved roads, critical infrastructure, and contributed to the development of both urban and rural areas since 1897.

Over the years, we have built a unique local expertise and earned a position in the Nordic market that we are very proud of. Quality, competence, trust, and relationships have been, and still are, the cornerstones of our operation.

The people behind the machinery

At our company, there's more than machines that counts. We're all about people as well – the relationships we build with customers and partners, and with everyone working with us. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are today.

With a passionate commitment to finding the best solutions and ensuring the right execution for every project, along with a eagerness to always discover new ways of working, our clients propel not only us, but our entire industry forward.

Come work with us

Together, we build the future. Do you want to join our journey?

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